The High Heels to High Income, Business Academy is a program will help you to integrate high-end programs into the services you provide as a spiritual female entrepreneur. And it also teaches you other phenomenal things to help you succeed in your business. 

This program  includes a step-by-step system created to help catapult your success. It also includes 1-on 1 time, personalized business coaching, and a concrete game plan to help you grow personally, professionally, and financially. You will learn how to make significant improvements to your business and your life. 

You will learn how to transform your money mindset, how to create and teach high-end programs, and how to attract high-end clients, all in a way that feels right for you. This program will teach you how to add $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 per client to your business. You will also learn how to create passive income streams, recurring income streams and multiple income streams.



Your Program Will Cover:


Module 1: Goal-Setting for High-End Success:

Setting business goals and financial goals that are in alignment with what you want to see manifest in your business life and financial life. Creating your financial success plan.


Module 2: High-End Mindset Mastery:

How to unleash and embrace a high-end mindset, thinking like a 6-figure female entrepreneur, principles to having a magnetic money mindset, breaking through limiting beliefs, increasing your Money Confidence Level (MCL), breaking through low money self-esteem and becoming empowered to ask for higher fees, allowing yourself to receive higher fees (giving yourself permission), totally transforming your relationship with money permanently, the law of attraction and manifesting wealth, and wealth and the female entrepreneur.  


Module 3: Manifesting Abundant Success From High-End Programs:

How high-end programs can catapult your personal, professional, and financial life, the benefits of high-end programs for you and for your clients, why you should offer high-end programs, key elements to designing successful high-end programs, how adding high-end programs can help increase your free time beyond your wildest imagination. Designing your 12 month income goals.


Module 4: Unleashing the Confidence to Charge:

It is important that you charge what you desire, and that you charge according to the value you are providing. But it is also important that you don't charge too little or too much. So understanding pricing psychology and pricing strategies is extremely important to the success of your business. This module helps you to unleash the confidence to charge higher fees, and it also educates you on how to determine the "right" pricing structure for you and your business, because one pricing strategy doesn't works for every business. 


Module 5: Designing and Delivering High-End Group Coaching Programs:

Delivering group programs is an amazing way to increase your impact and income. Through this module you will learn how to design and fill group coaching programs. You will also learn how to charge for your group programs and maximize your income! You will learn a step-by-step system for your very own group program. This module also covers how to value price your group programs.


Module 6: Designing and Delivering High-End In-Person Workshops:

Delivering workshops is a great way for you to teach your target audience about solutions to their problems. If you have a passion to educate others then this is a great way to share your wisdom and knowledge. By the end of this module you will have your very own step-by-step blueprint to launch and fill lucrative and successful workshops that can transform your income and the lives of your clients. 


Module 7: Designing and Delivering High-End Online Courses/Creating Certificate Programs:

Designing and delivering high-end online courses can help you to create a freedom-based business. When you create and offer amazing, purposeful and profit pulling courses it can also propel you as a female entrepreneur by positioning you as the go to female entrepreneur in your niche. Online courses are great because they can help you to manifest consistent and recurring income, even while you sleep.

Online courses can also provide you with predictable income month-to-month as well. Through this module you will learn how to integrate courses into our current business model in a authentic way. Through this module you will also learn how to transform your course into a certification program in just a few easy steps.


Module 8: The High-End Client Attraction Blueprint: 

This module covers client attracting marketing strategies.


There is no final exam, but you will submit your assignment portfolio to demonstrate your understanding of the program material.  



Graduate Certificate:



Once you successfully complete the program you will receive a certificate of completion from High Heels to High Income-Business Academy. This certificate is suitable for framing and can be displayed in your home or office, and added to your professional portfolio.  



Program Delivery Format:

This is a 6 week program, and for your convenience this program is delivered online with access to private coaching and mentoring. So you get the best of both worlds without the need to travel and without the interruption of your daily schedule. You can study at your favorite place to relax and on days and times that work for you. There are no mandatory meeting times or calls. 

The program includes weekly recorded classes in MP3 format, and weekly training modules (downloadable). You will log in once a week to access your class materials. You can complete your program materials at times during the week that are convenient for you, class materials are uploaded every Monday by 8 a.m. EST. You can download your class information and print your modules, and keep them in a 3-ring binder and refer to them for years to come. 

The only thing that you will need for class is internet access, an e-mail address for communicate with you, and adobe reader to download your modules. If you don't have adobe reader you can download it here for free this will allow you to download your modules in PDF format.



Your Program Also Includes: 


  • Two live private business coaching sessions. These 15 minute laser focused sessions are delivered over the telephone, and are offered Monday-Thursday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (EST).


  • Unlimited personalized email coaching for the duration of your program. This is great for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and getting feedback, inspiration, and support. 


  • Weekly action-driven assignments and exercises. 


  • A resource area with phenomenal resources to help support your success during and after your program. 




Upcoming Program Dates:


Class Starts On: Monday, August 5th, 2019

Class Ends: The week of September 23rd, 2019.


Each class is limited to 12 participants only per class. This is so that any needed personalized attention can be provided. 




Option A: Full payment of $997.00 (This is for full payment. If you are paying in full you will receive a $100.00 pre-paid tuition discount).


Option B: 5 payments of $274.25 (The total invest is $1,097.00).


Option C: 10 payments of 109.70 (The total invest is $1,097.00).


You will learn how to make your full investment back over and over again.


The price may increase at any time without prior notice, but once you have registered and completed your payment your investment will not increase). 


This program does not promise you instant riches, or guarantee that you will make a specific amount of money. That is based on many factors, for example, your dedication and commitment. But what it does promise you is that you will learn and grow, and gain education on how to break through limiting beliefs, learn strategies to add multiple streams of income to your business, and attract and manifest the income and business of your dreams. And just four clients at the lower end of $1,000.00 per client will pay for your program, and you can repeat that money making process over and over for years to come.




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Refund Policy:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Once your payment or deposit has been made there are no refunds available. Upon paying your payment or deposit you receive access to the materials and resources, therefore no refunds are given. But we will work with you diligently to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If you need to cancel your training for any reason 100% of your tuition can be applied to the same training program within 3 months. You will not lose your investment.