Free "High Heels to High Income" Business Success Session


The "High Heels to High Income" Business Success Session is designed to help you get your business on track for explosive success! Success that gets you fired up and keeps you fired up!

This session is a intensive 1-on-1 session that is conducted over a teleconference line so that you can participate in it from any where you desire. From your home, your office, your local coffee shop, or park.

This session is for spiritual female entrepreneurs who are ready and committed to integrating high-end programs into their business model and learn how to attract high end clients so that they can go to the next level of peace, joy, life freedom and financial freedom.

You will work with Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez and share your business goals, big financial dreams, worries, obstacles, stuck points and current wins. You will lay down the foundation for moving forward. You and Dr. Shauntel will work together to decide if you are a good fit for working with "High Heels to High Income" to create your high end programs and attracting your high end clients.  

Through the 30 minute session you will be guided through the coaching session and walk away with


Please contact us to schedule a session.