"High Heels to High Income" Articles > A Super Success Strategy to Attract Your Dream Clients

There are a lot of ways you can attract your dream clients and I have tried many. Some of them worked for me and some of them didn't. One of the BIGGEST success strategies I have experienced was being authentic! Sounds simple doesn't it? But for many entrepreneurs that is a challenge? Why is it a challenge? It is a challenge because for some reason they feel like they have to be like someone else to be successful. They try to duplicate what others are doing in the industry instead of focusing on what they are purposed to do. They direct too much time and energy in the wrong direction.

Your clients aren't seeking you because you are trying to duplicate who someone else is. They want to work with you because they want to work with YOU! The real you. When you are authentic and genuine your clients recognize that and it is appealing to them. They are attracted to you because of your life story, your passion, your wisdom, and your gifts. When you try to be like someone else those key ingredients are missing.

You have been blessed to be the best at what you do, so never feel inferior to anyone else. And don't feel like you can never experience the level of success you deserve, because you can. When we are authentic it also opens the floodgate for creativity and we are able to create amazing and transformational programs and products for our dream clients. And when we are authentic we use authentic language in our marketing that draws them toward us.
It is extremely frustrating trying to be like someone else because we feel like they are more successful than us. That takes too much work! We try to walk like them, talk like them, and do business like them, only to realize it didn't work. Well, I believe the reason it didn't work is because they are successful at what they have been purposed to do. That is why it is working for them and may not work for you. Now, that doesn't mean we can't learn success strategies from others. Learn their recipe for success but don't leave out the ingredient of your unique flavor.

If you are trying to figure out what separates you in your industry. If you are trying to figure out how to stand out against the competition. And if you are trying to discover a way to become more attractive to your clients, being more authentic can be the peanut butter to your jelly (if you like peanut butter and jelly). You are wonderful and you were created to be unique for a reason, so embrace who you are and shine forward!