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Did you know that you have what it takes to be amazing in the space God has given you? What I mean by that is God has empowered you to do wonderful things as an entrepreneur, that you have divine guidance assisting you, and that you have a type of inspirational magnetism inside of you that can attract clients in a phenomenal way. That means that your confidence should be through the roof! You should know beyond a "shadow of a doubt" that you can be extremely successful at helping to transform lives and manifesting financial abundance.

When you ROCK the space God has given you, you aren't concerned about competition because you know that nobody can do you like you can do you. You realize that your gifts can't be duplicated, and you realize that you have something working outside of you that is greater than what is working inside of you. What I mean by that is that you have divine help, so you are not going at it all alone (even when it feels like you are).

Being an entrepreneur is purposeful and it brings a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. It puts us in a unique position to live a life that many others only dream about. We should not be playing small. That doesn't serve us or those we are called to serve. And we should not be sitting on the sidelines watching others be successful in the game. You should be thinking big, dreaming big, and achieving big. Expect great things to happen in your business and don't give up until you see results manifest. Regardless of what business obstacles you face don't quit. Remember that God wouldn't have called you to be an entrepreneur if He didn't know that you could be great at it.

For a long time I tried to be what others expected me to be in business and it was downright frustrating. I wasn't as happy as I knew I deserved to be. And I wasn't even reaching those I needed to reach. I was blessed to make a difference but I knew I was sitting on my divine gifts. Then a mindset shift happened for me and I decided to get out of the business box that I allowed others to put me in, and I decided to do what I was led to do and what was in alignment with my assignment. And then everything changed. I felt more fulfilled, more peaceful, and more purposeful.

What can you do more of to ROCK the space God has given you? Are you an authority in the space or are you a hidden gem? Take some time to reflect on your purpose and how you can stand out more. Anyone can blend in. Things that blend in don't stand out because they are not different. So let your difference shine and move forward in fearless faith. And ROCK it!