"High Heels to High Income" Articles > How Your Mindset is Holding Your Money Hostage as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Did you know that there is a connection between your mindset and your money? What goes on in your head can show up in your financial life. And it can be difficult for your income level to rise higher than your level of thinking. If you think abundant thoughts you can manifest financial abundance, but if you think consistent thoughts of scarcity it can affect your ability to attract and manifest money.

For many spiritual entrepreneurs it is challenging to get past the subconscious and often hidden beliefs that are driving their money behaviors. Those subconscious and often hidden beliefs show up as being afraid to ask for the desired fees, feeling guilty about charging for services, attracting the wrong type of clients, working with clients who don't value your services or your time, feeling discouraged, and even sadly business failure. But that doesn't have to be your story.

Unleashing the right mindset can be extremely beneficial for you. When you have the right mindset you are confident, you are unstoppable, you are growing financially, and your business is prospering. If you don't have the right mindset it can literally keep your money trapped in the unseen realm. But when you have the right mindset it can connect the physical realm to the unseen realm and cause money to show up in an amazing way.

Having the right mindset also means that you are willing to do what needs to be done so that you can attract and manifest your financial desires. This could be creating profit pulling programs, overcoming the fear of speaking in front of groups, unleashing courageous confidence when it comes to the money conversation with your clients, breaking through money pain, and more. When you think on a higher level you can live on a higher level.

For many years I struggled with having the right mindset for many reasons. But once I began to think differently and believe differently I felt phenomenal on the inside and I saw changes in my life and business on the outside. I have study the mind for many years in academic settings, but nothing prepared me for mindset success like my life experiences. Our minds are critical when it comes to success. And what we continue to think eventually shows up in our lives, our businesses, and our bank accounts.

As a spiritual entrepreneur it is important for you to replace any way of thinking that is not supporting your money goals with the right way of thinking. Aligning your mindset with your money goals can save your business. If you are feeling frustrated in your business and ready to give up, don't. There is a great chance that transforming your mindset can be the thing that propels your business in the right direction. You were called to be a business owner and your services are valuable. So up-level your mindset and up-level your money. It's time!