"High Heels to High Income" Articles > Activate Your Inner Money Power as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

It is important that you master your thoughts about money. You must have positive thoughts about money if you want more of it. That is where your power is... in your mindset and attitude about money. If you feel good about money you are putting yourself in a powerful position to attract and manifest more of it. And that is not just for yourself, but that is also so that you can be a blessing to others.

Your money power is not external it is internal. It is already in you. And it is not just your mindset about money that matters. But activating your inner money power also means that you are unleashing your creativity, being aware of money-making ideas, and acting on success strategies.

If God has called you to be a business owner then he intends for you to make money. Or else he wouldn't have called you to business. Businesses are designed to generate income, and if you don't generate income as a business owner, sadly you might have to close your business doors.

If you are struggling with having the right money mindset then it is critical that you activate your inner money power, and begin to look at how you can shift your money mindset, and become more financially prosperous in your business. If you have a desire to make more money it is going to start with transforming your money mindset. Once you transform your money mindset things can begin to fall in place for you... in life and in business.
You have what it takes. And it doesn't matter what your physical bank account shows, what matters is what is in your mental and spiritual bank account. And if you have those two in alignment with your true financial desires, then it can be just a matter of time before you see changes start to happen in your financial life.

Now that doesn't mean that you are immediately going to see financial increase. But what it does mean is that you can begin to see small changes that will lead to big results. And it can also mean that you are going to start feeling more joyful and begin to feel financial peace. And those two things are priceless.

You have an incredible gift inside of you that can catapult you greater than you can even imagine. What are you going to do to activate your inner money power? What steps are you willing to take that can cause your mindset and money to go in the right direction? Get on track with your financial desires and unleash the financial future you desire and deserve. It's your time!